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Form No. Description
TF-10082 SIPLD, SIPHD, SIPTP Fasteners
179-05038 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive - Product Information
179-05053 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive - Installation Information
179-05069 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive - E-Z Estimating Guide
179-05041 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive - Approved Vapor Barriers
179-04478 Dow FROTH-PAK™ Foam Sealant - Product Information
179-05326 Dow FROTH-PAK™ Foam Sealant - Perimeter Seal/Parapet Repair
179-05037 Dow TILE BOND™ Roof Tile Adhesive - Product Information
TF-1201 TRUFAST® #12 DP Roofing Fasteners
TF-1202 TRUFAST® #12 DPH Roofing Fasteners
TF-1204 TRUFAST® #14 HD Roofing Fasteners
TF-1205 TRUFAST® #14 Stainless Steel HD Roofing Fasteners
TF-1206 TRUFAST® #15 EHD Roofing Fasteners
TF-1207 TRUFAST® #12 Purlin Roofing Fasteners
TF-1208 TRUFAST® Fluted Concrete Nail
TF-1209 TRUFAST® TL Roofing Fasteners
TF-1210 TRUFAST® 1/4” Concrete Spike Roofing Fasteners
TF-1211 TRUFAST® ZAMAC Nailin™ Roofing Fastener
ES-001 TRUFAST® Twin Loc Base Sheet Fastener
ES-002 TRUFAST® FM-90 Base Sheet Fastener
ES-003 TRUFAST® FM-75 Base Sheet Fastener
ES-004 Do-All Loc-Nail Base Sheet Fastener
ES-005 FM-290 Base Sheet Fastener
ES-007 Twin Loc Coiled Batten Bar
TF-1305 TRUFAST® Metal Insulation Plates
TF-1306 TRUFAST® Metal Seam Plates
TF-1307 TRUFAST® Batten Bars
TF-1308 TRUFAST® Termination & Drain Bars
TF-1501 TRUFAST® Pre-Assembled Fasteners & Plates


Form No. Description
TF-0601 TRUFAST Product Overview Brochure
TF-06041 TRUFAST Roofing Fastener Guide (English)
TF-11081S TRUFAST Roofing Fastener Guide (Spanish)
TF-0903 TRUFAST Roof Insulation Attachment Solutions Brochure
TF-1301 & TF-1302 TRUFAST Roof Drains
TF-10082 SIP & Nail Base Fasteners
179-05513 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive (Stick With a Proven Performer)
179-05309 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Multi Bead Applicator
TF-0603 Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive Multi-Bead Applicators
179-04537 Dow FROTH-PAK™ Foam Sealant (Leaders of the PAK)
179-05054-0114 MCK Dow TILE BOND™ Roof Tile Adhesive (Strength on any job)
179-05112 Dow TILE BOND™ Outperforms the Competition
TF-1001 Glossary of Roofing Terms Booklet – English edition
TF-1204S Glossary of Roofing Terms Booklet – Spanish edition
EC-001 ERICO CADDY® PYRAMID Supports Catalog
EC-002 ERICO CADDY® PYRAMID Tool Free Supports
0026-0214 Royal Millennium One Step™ Adhesive
0029-1014 Royal Millennium PG-1 Pump Grade Insulation Adhesive
0028-0514 Royal Battery Powered Applicator
0031-0514 Royal Pneumatic Applicator
0106-0514 Royal Low Pressure Pump Cart by Garlock
0043-0411 Royal Ultra / Heavy Duty Manual Applicators
0027-0514 Royal Patented One Step™ Multi-Bead & Multi-Bead Plus
0108-1011 Royal Millennium PG-1 Fleeceback Adhesive Brochure
ADC-0212 The Millennium One Step Advantage® Booklet
EC-001 Pentair CADDY® PYRAMID Rooftop Support Catalog (MAY 2016)


Trufast Warranty & Disclaimer Document
ANSI.SPRI Pull Test Procedure and Report
Dow INSTA STIK™ Warranty Submittal Instructions
Dow INSTA STIK™ Pre-Job Warranty Qualification Form
Dow INSTA STIK™ Job Start & Completion Form
Dow INSTA STIK™ Pull Test Results Form
Dow Building Solutions and LEED
NTA, Inc. Engineering Report on Continuous Insulation - AUG 2015
Dow TILE BOND™ Roof Tile Adhesive Operating Instructions and Maintenance Booklet
European Declaration Of Performance
Miami-Dade NOA 14-1117.08 (DEC 2015)


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