Do-All Loc-Nail

Do All Loc-Nails are approved and specified for shingle attachment to Loadmaster Roofdeck Assemblies.


  • Fasteners are precision-formed one-piece steel construction featuring dual serrated legs with sharpangular points.
  • Available in stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Do All Metal Caps are precision-formed precision formed AZ-55 Galvalume® steel, offered in 1.625” diameter.
    Use with Do All Loc-Nails for base sheet attachment.

ES-004 / ES Products Do-All Loc-Nail (PDF) PDF Download
Part / Length Part No. Qty / Carton Carton Wgt.
Do-All Loc-Nail Metal Caps, 1.625" dia. DAMC-1625 2,500 16 lbs.
Stainless Do-All Loc-Nail, 1.375" DA-1375-SS 2,500 13 lbs.
Stainless Do-All Loc-Nail, 1.75" DA-1750-SS 2,500 16 lbs.