Base Sheet Fastener Tools & Accessories

The Twin Loc Driver is used for installing base sheet and recovery board. For securing ISO or EPS to the substrate, use the Twin Loc Insulation Driver, which has a larger impact area (5” Dia.).

Contact TRUFAST® to find the specific driver for your application.

Item Part No. Qty / Carton Carton Wgt.
Twin Loc Driver A-ES-TWL 6 36 lbs.
Twin Loc Insulation Driver (5" Dia.) A-ES-IND 2 14 lbs.
FM-290 Driver N/A 6 36 lbs.
Insuldeck Driver A-ES-IDL 6 36 lbs.
Twin Loc Hand Tool* A-ES-HT 1 1 lbs.
Twin Loc Air Tool Nose Piece* A-ES-NP1 / A-ES-NP2 1 3 lbs.
Nail Pouch N/A 20 20 lbs.