TRUFAST PVC New Installation Roof Drains

A TRUFAST PVC assembly provides all the components for easy installation. It offers the essential features of more expensive drains at an affordable price. It is adaptable to most generic materials of single-ply and conventional builtup roofing, for use with roof decks of steel, wood, precast concrete or gypsum. This drain offers versatility and easy installation on new and existing roofs.

Part No. Size Description
RD-3000-PVC 3" PVC Drain Kit
RD-4000-PVC 4" PVC Drain Kit
RD-6000-PVC 6" PVC Drain Kit
RD-10000-CI-S 10" Cast Iron Strainer
RD-10000-AL-S 10" Aluminum Strainer
RD-12000-CI-S 12" Cast Iron Strainer


Form No. Description
TF-1301 & TF-1302 TRUFAST Roof Drains PDF Download