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Company Profile

Company Profile

Mission Statement: To Grow Lasting Relationships Through Innovative Fastening Solutions.

Founded in 1981 in Bryan, OH, the TRUFAST Corporation began manufacturing and distributing unique and better performing fastening solutions for the commercial roofing industry.  As its product offering grew to include other engineered fastening solutions and accessories, the TRUFAST® brand developed a reputation for high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

In January of 2006, German-based ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. (ABC) –  a global leader in the manufacturing of fastening solutions for the automotive and construction industries, and widely recognized for its SPAX® brand – acquired the ongoing TRUFAST operation.   Later that year, ABC SPAX consolidated its North American warehouse/distribution facility from Baltimore, MD into the TRUFAST operation.  SPAX® Construction Screws and PowerLags™, engineered for residential construction and remodeling, are sold through leading home improvement centers (The HOME DEPOT and MENARDS®), hardware stores, and a growing number of lumber and building material dealers.

As part of the planned integration of the ongoing TRUFAST and ABC SPAX operations, the TRUFAST Company became known as ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. in January 2009.

In order to meet current customer demand and future opportunities for its products, ABC U.S. completed a 33,000-square foot expansion and modernization of its manufacturing facility in December of 2011. As well as, a 50,000 sq. ft. expansion to its state-of-the-art heat treat facility in Pioneer, OH.  Both facilities are ISO 9001.2015 certified.

In August 2017, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S., Inc. acquired Rodenhouse Inc. as a strategic way for both companies to grow their fastener portfolio for the entire building envelope.  Rodenhouse Inc. is located in Grand Rapids, MI and manufactures innovative fastening systems for exterior building envelopes and facades.  Recently implemented energy codes have changed the insulation requirements for virtually all new construction.  With those changes, Rodenhouse Inc. has partnered with leading foam insulation, building wrap, and air/moisture barrier manufacturers and has developed fasteners and tools to rapidly install the material.  Thermal-Grip® ci and brick-tie washers are the latest developments which have been tested, recommended, and approved to attach these products.

Today, TRUFAST® fasteners, adhesives, and accessories continue to be sold through commercial roofing and building material distributors throughout North America and Western Europe, as well as supplied under the private labels of leading OEM commercial roofing systems manufacturers. Customers can get TRUFAST products when and where they need them with four regional warehouse locations (Bryan, OH; Grand Prairie, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Chino, CA).  Independent testing and certification assures customers that TRUFAST fasteners have been objectively tested and conform to the highest national and international standards (FM Global, Miami-Dade County Product Control, State of Florida, European Technical Approvals and NTA, Inc.).


Launch of Trufast Roofing Adhesives


ABC U.S. manufactured 1.2 billion fasteners = 38,000 miles of wire = enough to wrap around the world nearly 1.5 times.


Acquisition of the Rodenhouse Company of Grand Rapids, MI, developer of innovation continuous wall insulation systems for commercial and residential construction.


Completion for a 50,000 sq. foot expansion of the Pioneer, OH heat treat facility.


Acquisition of ES Products Company, manufacturer of specialty fastening solution for low density, low slope roof decks.


Completion of a 33,000 sq. ft. expansion and modernization of the Bryan, OH manufacturing facility.


Addition of a dedicated SPAX warehouse.


Rodenhouse Fastening Systems is founded by Robert Rodenhouse in Grand Rapids, MI


TRUFAST Corporation is founded by Duane Spangler in Bryan, OH