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February 11, 2011

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. Announces Major Expansion

Bryan, OH (February 11, 2011) – ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC., is pleased to announce a major expansion of its Bryan, Ohio, manufacturing facility. Already underway, the expansion will increase the size of the plant to over 200,000 square feet and will involve two phases. Initial occupancy is expected to take place on June 15, with a total completion date of October 1, 2011.

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO., formerly TRUFAST, LLC, is the manufacturer of the TRUFAST® and SPAX® brands of engineered fastening solutions for commercial roofing and other structural applications. The expansion is already underway, and Allyn Luce, vice president of manufacturing, explains what the expansion means to the company. “At 33,000 square feet, this is the largest expansion in the company’s 30-year history and represents a total investment (in plant and equipment) of $4 million,” he said. “This project, in conjunction with a fully-implemented 24-hour, seven-day-a-week production plan, will allow us to increase capacity over 30% with space remaining for our next growth opportunities.”

The expansion reflects the growing acceptance of both the TRUFAST® and SPAX® brands within their respective markets, as well as a strategic company initiative for American-made products. According to Brian Roth, company president and CEO, the expansion will reaffirm the company’s commitment to 100% domestic production. “From the manufacturing of our fasteners, the heat treat process, and all the way through coating and packaging…we control 100% of the resource requirements here in northwest Ohio. The expansion will allow us to support our growing customer base, as well as anticipated growth in the commercial roofing market.” he said. “While we could easily go the way of the rest of the market and import fasteners from Asia, we do not believe this is what our industry demands nor what it deserves.”

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. is part of the ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. – Group headquartered in Ennepetal Germany. Founded in 1823, ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative fastening solutions for both the construction and automotive industries.

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S., INC. Announces Major Expansion