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October 24, 2010

TRUFAST Multi-Bead Applicators Speed Dispensing of Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Roofing Adhesive

Bryan, OH – TRUFAST, the National Distributor of Dow INSTA STIK® Quik Set Commercial Roofing Adhesive, offers a selection of disposable and cart-mounted applicators to efficiently and accurately dispense multiple beads of INSTA STIK Adhesive simultaneously.

For mid-size to large roofing jobs with few through-roof penetrations, the Dow Multi-Bead Applicator (MBA) cart is the ideal solution to quickly cover more squares in significantly less time. The Dow MBA allows a single operator to simultaneously apply four to eight beads of adhesive, accurately spaced and evenly dispensed. Material yield per tank is improved and labor costs are significantly reduced as compared to using the single hose/wand assembly. The MBA is easy to maneuver and is equipped with user-friendly controls that require minimal training.

For small and mid-size roofing jobs, the TRUFAST 2-Bead and 4-Bead Applicator Attachments enable roofing contractors to easily and efficiently apply two for four beads of INSTA STIK® Quik Set Adhesive for attachment of compatible roof insulation board to roof decks and substrates. Following Dow application guidelines, a roofer can quickly apply the adhesive in accurately spaced bead widths of 14″ o.c., even in tight places. Both the 2-Bead and 4-Bead Applicator attachments thread directly onto the end of the INSTA STIK Hose/Wand Assembly that attaches to the 23-lb. tank of Dow INSTA STIK Quik Set Adhesive. Material yield is also improved over the serpentine bead pattern when using the single hose/wand applicator.

The TRUFAST product line includes a comprehensive selection of engineered fastening solutions for commercial roofing and structural applications, including structural insulated panel (SIPs) and log home/timber frame fasteners. TRUFAST Fasteners and Dow Adhesive & Sealant products are available throughout North American through commercial roofing and building materials distributors.

TRUFAST Multi-Bead Applicators Speed Dispensing of Dow INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Roofing Adhesive